Can you custom design anatomy posters?

Yes. offers over a hundred discounted anatomy posters for medical offices and educational institutions. For customers that want something truly unique, we can prepare a custom poster from thousands of available images. This allows medical professionals to depict and label specific specialties with control over font size and prominence of corporate identification.

Custom Designed Anatomy Posters

Initial research, design, image licensing fees are best spread across multiple posters. It may still be an attractive option when there is need for less than 50 posters. For example, printing one poster could cost under $80 plus a few thousand dollars to produce the art. Dimensions and the number of licensed images affect cost, but for simplified comparison, say 50 custom posters works out to $100 each. Printing 1000 custom designed anatomy posters could fall below $11 each, including design. Unit cost drops even further at higher quantities of 2500 or 5000 posters.

Custom designed anatomy posters can be an extremely economical option, whether you are looking to provide a localized translation, reinforce a corporate brand identity for private practice or print out thousands to distribute at medical conferences. As promotional give-aways, you can be assured the custom poster will be something recipents do not already have hanging on their walls.