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'Sad phone call'

Monocular Tutor E7

A once devoted fiancé, who appears to lose all control, suffers the consequences for his actions in this series finale

Romance 'Couple arguing'

Monocular Tutor E6

Bad decision repercussions are now directing Lloyd’s life course. Surmounting conflicts in less-than-ideal relationships tests his emotional limits.

Romance 'Female profile crying'

Monocular Tutor E5

With the hormonal immaturity of a teen, Lloyd tries to juggle a publicly flirtatious classmate with a secret fiancé.

Romance 'Couple in backseat'

Monocular Tutor E4

Lloyd and Rebecca must overcome some challenges to maintain a secret romance.

Romance 'Female exposing shoulder'

Monocular Tutor E3

A college art instructor and student exceed the ethical boundaries of private tutoring.

Romance 'Couple dine for dinner'

Monocular Tutor E2

Most fine artists channel creativity through a muse. But Lloyd pushes societal boundaries in his quest for one.


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Romance 'Art students classroom'

Monocular Tutor

Premiere: An adolescent life, complicated by a series of bad decisions in the name of love, has far-reaching consequences in this romance miniseries.

Finale 'Automobiles on road in snow'

Family Chill E3

Get ready for family theatrics as somber funeral arrangements upend in this short story finale.

Romance 'Commercial jet ascending'

Family Chill E2

Bad news has the potential of bonding Lucas and Maya together or driving them apart as they prepare to weather a storm.

Romance 'Family Chill E1'

Family Chill

Premiere: A warm-climate male deals with a dysfunctional family in the dead of winter. His female interest wants to meet his relatives to decide if he’s the right man for her.


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