Organ Island E8

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Cleanup Restraints


Thick clouds drop monsoon rain, as strong winds hurl loose palm branches and uproot small trees during Friday morning. Precipitation quickly extinguishes the nearby fire. Within an hour, the storm abates.

Jayson and Caroline jump to their feet and open the door to assess damage. But it is difficult to tell how bad things are among all the foliage surrounding their cabin.

“We should get to the orientation area. I’m sure there will be updates,” Jayson urges.

The four captives stand in the mud awaiting direction before an empty platform. After 15 minutes, Dr. Toussaint arrives.

“The storm has passed. Priority today is cleaning up debris around our VIP guest quarters. Do not interact with any visitors,” the camp leader announces.

“Leonid will remove the remaining ankle restraints so you can move through the mud easier. Afterwards, you can all bathe the mud off of yourselves together. Leonid will oversee the work. You are now dismissed.”

“Sir yes, Dr. Toussaint, sir!” is heard in unison.

Leonid removes the chains from Brian, Jayson, and Caroline before following them to the guest quarters. “Clear away all this wet brush. Make sure each porch has a vessel of fresh water and a basket of dry wood kindling. Sheena will fetch some fresh food for them from Aahna.” They carry out their orders with little dialog under the watchful eye of Leonid.

Group Bath

Afterwards, it’s time to skinny dip as a group. They head to the spring for bathing. With the water chest-deep, they are far from the earshot of Leonid. So they begin quietly planning their escape while the women braid each other’s hair.

“To me, Isabel’s death, the tropical storm, and removal of our restraints signal the need to act quickly,” Jayson says while wringing out his shirt above his head.

Everyone nods discreetly, while peering at Leonid from the corner of their eyes.

“Sheena, we need you to get Aahna onboard with the escape plan and provide a flight schedule. It’s dangerous since Aahna is so close to Dr. Toussaint. Can you do this?” asks Jayson.

“We speak frequently. I know her frustration. She is ready for something like this,” Sheena replies.

While trying to get clothed underwater, Caroline’s bra clasp breaks. So she puts on her blouse and folds her bra up tightly to conceal it within her hand. The wet top does not escape notice of the men. Fearing potential lecherous actions from Leonid, they encircle Caroline as they approach shore.

Sheena speaks up for distraction, saying to Leonid, “Brian and I will show Caroline to Isabela’s former cabin as Dr. Toussaint ordered. She has nothing to pack and her toiletries are here.”

Leonid unholsters his gun and aims between the eyes. Pulling the trigger… at the feet of Brian. They all look down to see that Leonid has killed a snake.

“I guess you are so used to wearing ankle shackles that you didn’t even think to jump out of the way when I shot,” says Leonid.

Everyone disperses until dinner, since the storm prevented lunch dining. But there is not enough time for Sheena to complete her assignment by nightfall. They urge her to act quickly.

Finalizing Details


By Saturday morning, the ground is mostly dry. After orientation, they go to the dining table and begin passing bowls of communal food.

“Visibility is not good in the darkness, should we plan to leave in the morning?” Brian suggests.

“Is Aahna with us?” Jayson asks.

“Yes, she is not privy to the entire schedule. If you want to escape under the cover of darkness, act tomorrow. An incoming flight is due at 20:00 hours. It should contain the VIP patient in need of a lung transplant along with two medical attendants and the pilots.

“She will get enough of the drug from the hospital between now and then. The men and guests eat within an hour of one another. We must use a low dose to keep some from passing out while others remain awake,” Sheena advises.

“Great work!” Jayson replies with a bite of a carrot.

“Airplanes usually arrive late and refuel several times between here and Hawaii. We can’t pay for fuel all over the world. Where do the planes that come here refuel? Do the pilots stay the night or make a round trip after dropping off passengers?” Jayson adds.

“There are not enough accommodations for pilots to stay over­night.” Sheena says, “For the return flight, the pilot and co-pilot switch places. There is fuel at the end of the airstrip.”

Jayson concludes, “Okay, let’s do this tomorrow night while we have a window of opportunity. If necessary, I will fly the plane myself but I prefer to coerce the co-pilot to cooperate.

“We can’t make it to Australia or Hawaii but we could make it to Malaysia with even a half tank of fuel. They have good relations with the US. Once we are up in the air, autopilot should take us there.

“I can appeal to the co-pilot’s mind while Brian intimidates him with muscle,” Jayson says while looking toward Brian. “Are you good with that?”

“I can do that,” Brian confirms with a smile.

“So, the sequence is spike the dinner meals with a low-dose sedative. Within a two-hour window, all should be incapacitated. Inject them with a higher dose so they will remain unconscious for the evening.

“Aahna should serve her spiked coconut juice to the new visitors. Brian and I commandeer the plane while it refuels. We then bind Dr. Toussaint as a hostage.” Jayson then asks, “Can we do this?”

Everyone agrees. Then Jayson adds, “If possible, see if Aahna can get the satellite phone, along with my mobile phone and smartwatch back. I may need to contact my flight instructor.”

“I will let Aahna know,” Sheena replies.

“What do you want me to do?” asks Caroline.

Jayson then replies to her, “Depending on where we land in Malaysia, it could take 13 hours. You, Aahna, and Sheena will need to work in shifts to keep Dr. Toussaint incapaci­tated during the flight. Also, monitor the charging of my watch and smartphone.

“That should cover all contingencies. Get as much sleep as you can tonight and take a nap tomorrow afternoon, if possoble. It’s going to be a long Sunday night.”


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