How Do I Use the Virtual Assistant?

How Can I Help You?

Remember when department stores reigned supreme? Customers expected an atten­tive sales­person to cour­te­ously care for their every need. By virtue of the Internet, the population is becoming more indepen­dent. Yet, there are shop­pers who appreci­ate a level of assis­tance in certain settings like pharma­cies, hard­ware stores and upscale restau­rants. Contributing to the decline of brick-and-mortar stores, a growing number of store clientele prefer to browse unassisted.

Just Browsing

Perhaps you are an indepen­dent online shopper. You visit a website; search for products; read descrip­tions, pur­chase what you need and leave. Could you be missing out on the benefits of profes­sional guidance? Some visitors really require more assistance.

An advantage to online shopping is that you can shop any day and any time you like.

Like many other online stores, ClinicalPosters undergoes fre­quent site enhance­ments. Each month there are new products, dis­counts or fea­tures that may surprise and delight regular visitors.

Find Everything You Need?

One advantage to online shopping is that you can shop any day and any time you like. There is no need to find parking and wait for doors to open. Add items be­yond your typical work hours—even while munching on pop­corn in pajamas at midnight, regard­less of timezone. This is when phone assis­tance is not usually an option.

ClinicalPosters addresses the need for online per­sonalized help with an “Assist” button visible on the home page and product pages. As you click answers to a series of simple questions, a compre­hen­sive query is created to display a personalized list of suggested products.

Via menu navigation, products are categorized under medical specialties like endo­crino­logy, immuno­logy and oto­laryn­gology. Such terms, clear to doctors, may be obscure to others. The virtual assistant uses simple language, guiding you through parts of the body such as “head,” “arms” and “waist" to identify matching anatomy posters.

Though the virtual assistant is still in a beta phase, it func­tions reason­ably well. (One apparent anomaly occurs if questions are aborted in order to start over. Keywords from the initial query are added. This can prompt a “results not found” message. If this happens, simply try again.)

Give the Virtual Assis­tant a Try

Our virtual assistant joins site features such as the medical specialty cate­gorized products and power­ful search engine. Together these equip you to find just what you need, whenever it is required. The virtual assistant is a floating button accessible on the home and product pages.

December 18, 2018 by Kevin Williams

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