Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe All Over Again

Women often stay up late planning their next outfit, while many men are satisfied with wearing the same jeans and T-shirt every day.

Blame it on global warming if you wish, but in some areas, September is one of the hottest months of the year even though autumn begins at the end of the month. This does not stop shoppers from filling their wardrobe with warmer clothing a month or two in advance.

Ahead of each new season, apparel manufacturers design and produce limited numbers of fashions that they anticipate will take the world by storm. Boutique shops and department stores place orders from samples, and some add their own labels. Near the height of the season, most apparel manufacturers’ inventory is exhausted as they begin production for the next. By shopping now, you can be a trendsetter, instead of a fashion follower. Secure your order before bulk buyers pick over the goods.

Timeless Overcoats

ClinicalPosters has peeked behind the runway curtain to bring to you head-turning female fall fashions. Coats are in the trenches. Yes, trench coats with unique styling can keep you warm and become the centerpiece of your ensemble. Trench coats never go out of style, so they are long-lasting investments. You should have at least one in your wardrobe. If cotton trench coats aren’t your style or you already have some, our coat collection includes more than trenches.

Vintage Fashion

At least one bold manufacturer is recreating small batches of 1950s fashion in extra small through plus sizes. Imagine a woman with a 50-inch waist turning heads as she steps into a room dressed like Audrey Hepburn. The same jaw-dropping reaction is available for ladies with tiny waistlines.

Premium Fabrics

Cashmere is premium wool—five times warmer than regular. Pure cashmere sweaters and dresses can be yours to cherish. The fabric may also be blended with other fibers to lower the cost, contribute to elasticity, enhance softness, dissipate heat and other benefits.

Most vegans do not eat or wear animal products, including shorn wool. Cruelty-free vegan clothing is also available. This includes nylon, rayon, acrylics, Spandex, and polyester. Just use the vegan filter when viewing apparel.

Whether you are looking for overcoats, dresses, sweaters or scarves, ClinicalPosters has you covered. From top-line cashmere to cotton; silk to Spandex, acrylic to polyester and various blends of each, order early to make your unique fashion statement. Shop autumn apparel or find great deals on closeout summer apparel.

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