Three Design Choices


Biggest Announcement of the Year

With months of preparation, ClinicalPosters is proud to announce new collections of graphics products. The first collection provides both free downloadable flyers and fee posters:

Two more collections feature over 90 custom graphics layouts in three categories:

Adding more value to new collections are many articles. These provide tips for scientific poster presentations and COVID-19 epidemic preparation.

Save With Custom Graphics

For custom graphics, you typically have three general choices:

  1. Design them yourself.
  2. Hire someone to design from scratch.
  3. Have a skilled artist modify templates.

The vast number of point-and-click online design interfaces make the average Joe wonder if there is a need to pay designers. On the other end of the spectrum, some prefer to leave all graphics up to designers. In the middle are customers with budgetary restrictions that prefer to have skilled designers customize templates.

When the templates are high-quality, the designer-template option encompasses the best of both worlds. The templates themselves are not for sale. Rather, they are used by in-house artists to combine your content for a truly customized product.

Graphic artists know the difference between screen and print resolution or color spaces. They can resize templates, change colors, and replace elements to give the standard template a fresh look.

Making templates visible to customers in advance (with login) eliminates the need for several iterations of preliminary layouts. This is often the most costly aspect of design. Hence, as a customer, you are able to budget effectively and have peace of mind knowing exactly what you will receive for your dollar. Choose from dozens of high-quality poster and flyer templates at ClinicalPosters.

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