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Kevin RRW, who has decades of program­ming experience, began blogging here in 2010. With a scone and hot coffee, he enjoys writing A fluffy veggie omlete with juice inspires writing Believing the Bible is the greatest book, he enjoys writing Continuing to push the envelope for creativity, he publishes With a blueberry-banana protein smoothie, he produces articles Benefiting thousands of readers, he publishes information On the Shopify platform, he provides insight­ful articles about pro­gram­­ming, creative writing, market­ing, and health.
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'Black man pointing at you'

Homage to DataPixel Software

In 2013, the robust website shrank to less than a shadow of its former glory. Ten years later, the lights shut completely off.

Website 'Sound headphones'

Listen to Site Updates

Despite trials and traumas of the prior year, your favorite website has grown with more exciting features. Here’s a recap.

Marketing 'Magnifying glass'

Enjoy Reading

After email-subscriber login, articles matching your interest or medical specialty queue up for easy access, also unlocking premium articles.

Website 'Cart checkout'

Resolving Cart Checkout

Outdated: We have traced a problem with check­out, that a few customers experience, to some techno mumbo jumbo. The short answer is that there is a fix.

Website 'Finger tapping digital screen'

Making Site Navigation Look Easy

It is not easy to make a website look simple to use. But here’s why it is so important.


Enjoy articles each week

Writing 'Article Submission for Writers'

Updates to Article Submission

Outdated: The storytelling writing style is more pre­domi­nant. Schedule shorter guest posts and adver­tis­ing according to weekly themes through­out the year.

Social media 'Art of The Kiss Paintings'

Art of The Kiss Paintings

View 10 kisses masterfully recreated on canvas by contemporary artists.

Website '12 Amazing ClinicalPosters Site Features'

Discover More Site Gems

Outdated: Dozens of new features cannot be covered within one article. These are not-to-obvious favorites that you may treasure.

Website 'Entirely New Familiar '

Entirely New Familiar Website

We merged the most useful features into a new theme to make your site browsing more safe, intuitive, informative, and interactive.

Website 'How to Use Shop Pay on ClinicalPosters'

Enhanced Shop Pay

With security enhance­ments, you may now opt to encrypt credit card pay­ment infor­mation for future use.

Technology 'Zoom Videoconference to the Rescue'

Zoom Videoconference Securely

Shelter-in-place orders leave companies and conference organizers scrambling for virtual meeting solutions.

Fulfillment 'Simplify Department Purchases'

Simplify Department Purchases Now

With pre-established purchase orders, distri­bute gift cards instead of credit cards to speed payments and track orders.


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