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'Hand signing contract'

Crafting a Materials Release

Despite urgency for approval, a form that appears to grant rights to intel­lec­tual property that is too liberal can stall the process.

Products 'Female holding movie clapper'

License Posters For Motion Pictures

Get extended-use anatomy posters with durable satin finishes for movies, tele­vision shows, promo­tional video­graphy, and commercials.


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Products 'How to Legally Film Anatomy Posters'

How to Legally Film Anatomy Posters

Obtain clear­ance for any art­work and logos depicted in video. This includes anatomy posters. Up-front extended use fees are nomi­nal com­pared to copy­right infringe­ment penalties.

Marketing '9 Things to Consider Before Distributing Posters at Conferences'

Promote Your Brand With Anatomy Posters

For conventions and mail­ings, pharma­ceutical companies, device manufac­turers, and medical groups can imprint a logo on posters with custom layout options.


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