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Navigating a website should be intuitive. But intuition varies from person to person. With anything new, there is a learning curve. With these tips, you should master site navigation within two minutes.

Medical Specialties

Blog articles and product categories are tagged with associated medical specialties. But which form of the word is used? Does it describe the physician (cardiologist) or a bodily system (cardiovascular)? Is the European spelling orthopaedic used or something entirely different like osteopathy?

To keep you from guessing, tags at the bottom of blog articles work like hashtags. When clicked, additional articles with the same tag are displayed.

Some medical specialties have their own landing page. It features popular posters and sometimes article synopsis so professionals can order what they need more quickly. If a landing page is available, it may be recommended via a popup alert while browsing the corresponding category.

Mastering Categories

First select the desired medical specialty. Small categories can display all products on a single page. But if you are on a smartphone, this might require more scrolling than necessary.

Each category provides an additional layer of filtering tags. Notice how easy it is to drill down through the largest category—Orthopedics. By default, it is three pages long.

Click KEYWORD. This includes tags found within most categories: common poster dimensions, Anatomy, which contrasts Pathology, Painful, and posters appropriate for various Awareness months. Now click 22x28 inches. Alternatively, you can click 20x26 inches to exclude the larger poster. Click KEYWORD again to close it or click the same tag to disable and collapse the drawer.

Adding Products

So now you have filtered the posters you want and just need to add them quickly to your cart. Behavior on desktops and tablets differ from smartphones but all accomplish the same thing.

Add-to-cart drawer

With the larger screens, clicking a product slides open a drawer. Making a finishing option selection updates the price and corresponding preview image. Add the item to the cart and remain on the same page. Grommets and frames can be added separately. Click additional products to add them in the same manner from a single page.

The product grid with sliding drawer is not available on smartphones. Products are displayed in a single-column format.

You can click details to view the full product page if preferred. The finishing options here likewise update the preview image just like this inset. The tradeoff for full descriptions is the need to keep returning to the desired category to add more products.

Filter tags allow you to quickly identify products or articles within a logical context. Alternatively, you may use the search field to find results based upon all the words on each and every available page. Now you are a navigation master. Go find something worthwhile.

Fundamental Difference

This site is structurally different from the prior one. The prior could be considered a website that featured blog and had a store. This site,, is an online store with two awesome blogs. Health related blog articles are fewer and more focused to provide further insight for various medical specialties.

There are many other differences on the new site. Look for more blog articles tagged website.

January 18, 2018 by Kevin Williams

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