Scale Your Store Within a Store


More Eyes On Your Products


You control the store on your own website. Determine prices, fulfillment, checkout process, and promotion. The customers you gain are your own. It’s a good feeling. But your website represents one store of millions. You need to increase visibility.

Advertise Your Product In Blogs

To scale your business, you can place advertisements within articles on complementary websites. As viewers read content, they see your message. This strengthens brand awareness. Clicking a link brings them to a landing page to convert a sale.

Get Your Product in More Stores

A step up from advertising within blogs is selling your products at multiple locations. Shoppers who are ready to buy something visit online stores. Each shop that features your product increases opportunities of conversion. But getting into different stores usually requires considerable effort.

Becoming a wholesaler reduces profit margin in exchange for mass distribution. You can launch multiple websites yourself. However, this often requires separate inventory management systems and sire maintenance.

Gain visibility in a store that receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

ClinicalPosters has come up with an easy way to gain visibility in a store that receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Your inventory system and margins remain intact. You do not need to give up your customers. For a small monthly fee, feature a page within the ClinicalPosters store that showcases your product. The checkout button takes customers to a page on your website. That’s right! Complete the sale in your own store. It is like an affiliate link on steroids.

Why might ClinicalPosters give away sales to other shops? Some vendors have high-quality complementary products that are not feasible for ClinicalPosters to stock. Examples are seasonal items, products that come in multiple sizes, or dimensionally large items. Unique products should offer value that customers crave. What are your ideas for the new normal? What creative ideas got off to a good start on Kickstarter?

Affiliate Product and Service Ideas
  • Healthy Meal Kits
  • Online Fitness Videos
  • Exam Room Gowns
  • Medical Equipment
  • Custom Imprint Apparel
  • Hair/Skin Care Products
  • Technical Gadgets
  • Medical Billing
  • Technical Writing
  • Medical Transcription
Scale Your Store Within a Store

Advertisers cannot promote unproven medical therapies or products. Approved companies should be operating a mobile-friendly online business for more than one year.

Subject to approval, the product or service must not directly compete with ClinicalPosters. Products should ship from available inventory without dropshipping.

This is the newest of several ways to market products to thousands of health-conscious consumers. A limited number of carefully curated product spots are available on ClinicalPosters. They appear alongside compatibly themed products and within a special collection of Featured Products.

With attractive introductory pricing, the minimum term is one month for each product. Up to 6 products can share the same link to your website on a monthly plan.

Prepay for any number of months. For a single product, pay a year and get one month free (2 months free for Shopify merchants). Successful partnerships may lead to more collaborations. Ask for a demo.

Get Store Within Store

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