Review Your Wishes


Online wishlists are similar to layaway plans. Only no deposit is required for wishlists. Items are not pulled from stock and kept on a shelf in a back room until the debt is settled. Instead, you save wishlist links to products. Some products might be sold out by the time you need them. So fulfilling wishes sooner rather than later is recommended.

Practical Wishlist Uses:

  • Need items for the office but do not want to pay with your credit card?
    Forward a wishlist to your employer.
  • Planning to start your own medical practice but not ready to buy?
    Save a wishlist to estimate costs.
  • Tired of receiving gifts you can’t use?
    Send a wishlist to your friends.
  • Need to plan gifts for friends and family?
    Create a wishlist for each person.

The code for the wishlist we installed in January was recently replaced with a version that does not prompt you to first login. You are, however, encouraged to login to save your wishlist with your account. A few customers may have lost the contents of their wishlists during this upgrade.

In summary, you can shop for more than anatomy posters. It is possible to write reviews on products and you can save multiple wishlists. These new features are available to visitors with login.

March 01, 2018 by Kevin Williams

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