ClinicalPosters Site Navigation Refinements

Have you ever revisited a website that seems familiar but different?

Fast Smooth Sliding Drawers

Site refinements are constantly underway at ClinicalPosters. Instead of wondering what is different, this page tells you. A reduction in the number of products displayed on collection pages and other code optimizations results in a speed boost.

Visitor reaction to our enhanced online store layout has been favorable. An underrated feature is the ability to add multiple items from a single collection page.

  • Tap a preview and a drawer slides down with more information.
  • Indicate quantity and other options.
  • Click Add to Cart button.
  • Tap another preview on the page and repeat.

The unfavorable alternative is to tap a preview that opens a full product page. When you click Add to Cart there, you end up on the checkout page. Then navigate back to the collection to add another product. The ClinicalPosters collection drawer saves you from these extra clicks.

Many visitors who land directly on a product page from an external search like Google or Pinterest may overlook the distinction. While product pages include more information than collection blocks, adding products from the drawer saves time when you know what you want. Additional scripts like desktop hover preview are added when visitors log in.

Making It Better

How can we make collection navigation easier? The first thing you may notice is that the header with the logo at the top of the page now remains visible when scrolling. This seems more of a branding feature but four useful features result:

  1. Tapping the logo takes you to the home page.
  2. Gain instant access to the site search field within header.
  3. Shopping cart is visible in the header
  4. The header provides convenient access to the site menu on mobile devices.

Navigation menus are better organized. The header has a menu for Posters +. (The + symbol indicates it has submenu.) Beneath this is menu for Categories +, Frames, Licensing, and Bulk Order. (Bulk Order is useful for entering several products on a single page—common for purchasing departments fulfilling requests of doctors.) Click any active red link (notice minus symbol) to retract navigation drawers.

Filtering Results

Collection and blog articles have simplified filtering. The secondary filter has been removed. Categorized collections with the single filter combined with sort order control makes locating products easy.

What’s the difference between the search field and filters? The search field looks for matches within all visible words on the product page or blog article (not the poster text). Filters look for exact matches of specific tags that may not necessarily be on the visible page.

Filters allow you to more specifically narrow visible titles within a particular category. Click the word Filter + to expand a virtual drawer. Then click the desired keyword. To collapse the drawer without removing the keyword, click Filter -. To disable the filter, click the highlighted keyword.

Recognizing that a large number of keywords can take up quite a bit of space on mobile device, pages now only return keywords of articles that are in the filtered view. To restore all keywords, click the highlighted one selected before clicking Filter -.

Preferred medical interest determines curated category and default filter for Health blog articles. This could mean that though new articles are available, they may not be visible until you change the filter. Contact us if you wish to disable pre-filtering blog articles.

Now that we sell more than just posters, it makes sense to distinguish core products by their type within the title. The words, “Chart” or “Model” now append product titles.

All models appear in one collection but what if you want to view the ones related to a particular medical specialty? To keep from duplicating a long list of collections, models are also included among categorized posters. If you wish to filter out the models to view only posters, select Products > Posters > All.

Conditional Blur

The mature blur feature announced in April 2018 discourages underage visitors from viewing anatomical posters and blog articles about human reproductive organs. This blurring now extends to all images on a product page with mature content. Blur is removed when a visitor logs in. We now have the option to keep mature products blurry after someone logs in. This may be useful for middle school teachers or anyone else who has no use for such content. “Mature” labels now appear on thumbnails so visitors understand why images are not in focus. (With space for one label per item, various messages are prioritized. Hence “Sale” or “Sold Out” may replace “Mature.”

Mature Content Blur

The addition of labels allows us to use the blur feature to distinguish “Sold Out” products on collection pages. This generally indicates when inventory has dropped to zero and is no longer available. In rare cases, more stock becomes available in the future. Product pages now include a link that allows visitors to request notification if a sold-out product comes back in stock.

Easy Poster Size Distinction

The shopping cart prevents you from ordering sold-out stock. If, for example, there are only 2 items remaining and you order 5, the cart reduces the order quantity so it does not exceed available inventory. (Note: Products that are regularly replenished allow overselling.)

In order of volume, posters are primarily available in these three sizes:

  1. Standard 20x26 inches (51x66 cm)
  2. Oversize 22x28 inches (56x71 cm)
  3. Non-Standard 19.75x20.35 inches (50 x 67 cm)

We stock frames for the first two sizes. Though the third poster dimensions round to 20x26 inches, the narrower width does allow for overlap within our standard DeuPair Frames. Faint red exclamation points are visible in the upper corners of main product preview images. (We are selling out remaining inventory of non-standard size posters.) Oversize poster previews include blue brackets in the upper corners.

Thumbnail Image Brackets

Improved Mobility

Frequent visitors may have noticed discreet circles in the upper corners of product images on collection pages. This is a quick method of adding multiple items while remaining on the same page. The circle expands to a dropdown menu if there are variations. Desktop browsers include a sliding drawer to display more information.

Enjoy more optimized mobile formatting. Clicking a thumbnail image on mobile phones opens the product page. Some descriptions can seem lengthy on narrow devices. On small screens, each product page now displays a succinct summary. You have an option to reveal the full text. The blog schedule has also been formatted to fit small mobile devices.

Designed to Give Away Money

There are different ways to receive for discounts. The subscription engine has been updated.

  • Annual ClinicalPosters Plus subscribers receive discount and free shipping with minimum $50 purchase (USA and Canada).
  • Monthly promo codes are visible when you login.

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