Get Over Being Overseas

What do Australia, Canada, Egypt, London, South Africa, and the United States have in common?

They are all countries that purchase anatomy posters from ClinicalPosters. To improve the international shopping experience, three features are enabled. They are activated by geolocation, default language selections of browsing devices or checkout information:

  • Google Translate (entire website)
  • Currency Localization (product pages, shopping cart)
  • Carrier Calculated Shipping

Where do you find language option settings on your browsing devices? When translation is activated, the Google Translate menu bar appears at the top edge of the page. A different language may be selected before closing it. When this obvious alert is not displayed, settings can be accessed according to your device in the following locations:

Localization Settings

Translate MenuFooterFooterFooter
Currency MenuHeaderHeaderTop Menu
Carrier CalculatedCheckoutCheckoutCheckout

Carrier calculated shipping is a key feature for global deliveries. Without such carrier integration, shipping rates would be based on spot checks in key cities, averages and extrapolated guesses. 


Get Over Being Overseas

Third-party dynamic translation is subject to grammatical errors or truncated text. Capitalization may not match original language. When cursor is placed over text, a hovering Google box displays an annoyingly large low-resolution a Google Translate logo with original English text. Currency conversions are updated hourly, so may reflect slight changes during a shopping session. Regardless of currency exchange, checkout reflects assigned USD prices.

ClinicalPosters does not provide multilingual support either on the phone or via email. Poster translation is available in bulk quantities as low as 200 or more of each title.

*International trade restrictions prohibit shipments to some countries.

By ClinicalPosters Staff

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