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Teachers, your net poster cost could be as low as $6.99.

Human anatomy posters are useful in universities, colleges, and high schools. They nurture the minds of future medical professionals and also help children to better care for their bodies. Ideal for biology classes, there is even a set of Blueprints For Health posters for 8–12 year old children.

Frame Closeout Posters

Teachers can save over 45% on closeouts with a slight corner bend for only $10.99. The DeuPair Frame option conceals edges and prevents posters from falling off walls. Hygienic lamination and framing allow surfaces to be sanitized. These factors are important during cold and flu seasons—more so during a pandemic.

CDC guidelines for in-person Coronavirus-era classrooms discourage sharing objects that multiple people touch. Therefore, avoid passing things around the classroom. Posters are ideal stationary learning tools.

Get $15 Off Laminated Poster

Educators may receive $15 off a brand new laminated poster with grommets (brass corner eyelets). Depending upon the number of grommets, the net cost could be as low as $6.99. First login with a new or existing account having the Education specialty. This validates discount code EDU15OFF during checkout. Very limited quantities of these 20x26-inch posters are available for this offer:

Use discount code EDU15OFF during checkout

Savings details are on applicable product pages for easy reference.

Save on Shipping

Schools, colleges, universities, and libraries within the united states qualify for a significant educational postage discount with USPS Media Mail. The shopping cart validates shoppers with email addresses ending with “edu” and destination companies containing keywords (school, college, university, library). For example, if you are an educator receiving posters at home with a gmail address, you will not see the USPS Media Mail option.

Order at least $99 worth of products to fit within one box up to 70-pounds for free contiguous USA ground shipping. Canadian destinations may receive ground shipping for up to 25 pounds of merchandise at $29 dollars.

Whether you are teaching medical subjects, biology, science, or sex education, human anatomy posters educate young minds. With special savings from ClinicalPosters, you can bring life to your class syllabus with informative visual tools.

Kevin Williams is a health advocate and writer of hundreds of articles for multiple websites, including: A Bit More Healthy, KevinMD, and Sue’s Nutrition Buzz.

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