VIP Red Carpet

Types of VIPs

All customers are important. Most receive perks. Few are VIPs. Volume Incremental Purchasers have cumulative orders that exceed $3000.

When logged in, clicking Health blog defaults the list to articles tagged with your corresponding medical interest. A contextual header identifies your matching poster collection.

Hospitals are the primary VIP customers. During 2018, they receive discounts on a wide range of products if shopping carts contain 10 or more items. Additional tiered discounts apply when cart totals surpass $1000 and $2000 respectively. This happens without the need for promo codes.

Doctors in hospital lobby

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Step This Way

These perks can be compared to airline executive lounge access, a complementary Las Vegas penthouse suite or front-row seats at a special event. To benefit, you walk down a red carpet or ride the elevator to your destination. Think of the little login link at the top the page as the entry point.

You must login prior to shopping and be a repeat customer. If you meet these qualifications and do not see the aforementioned features, we may not have been able to determine your medical interest. Use the contact form to indicate what it should be.

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