What Goes On When Your Scrubs Come Off?

Known for its human anatomy posters, ClinicalPosters sells carefully curated ancillary products for medical and non-medical site visitors. While some items make your workday more comfortable, others provide a nice change of pace after your shift is over.

Don’t wear scrubs after work. Slip your feet into comfortable hosiery. Cover yourself with casual apparel. Track your time, steps, and heart rate at the gym. Get packing for a weekend getaway. Keep warm. Be cool. These new categories are accessible from the Products tab:

Some garments have anatomy imprints. And because pregnancy is closely linked with women’s health, a number of maternity products are offered. It is not all apparel. There are useful tech gadgets, equipment for the office, and medically themed accessories.

Caution: Many items are seasonal limited-production runs. You can add them to your wishlist or admire them for the future. But there is a chance these cherished items will be gone if you delay purchase.

We don’t believe that our customers live in a bubble. As you step away from the anatomy poster comfort zone, you may be pleasantly surprised with what is available. So get dressed when you visit ClinicalPosters.

Registered users enjoy free shipping on most of these non-poster products. Registration means you added a password protected email address and are logged in. We encourage you to write reviews for your purchased products for the benefit of other shoppers and our product curators.

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