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'Glowing AI computer chip (ai)'

How to Remain Relevant With AI

Are you spending thousands of hours and as many dollars maintaining a website only to see decreases in visitors? Why is this happening and what can you do about it?

Programming 'Shocked female with open mouth'

Optimize Shopify Article Images

Speed up page loading for your entire blog without editing each image or sacrificing quality.

Programming 'Hairstylist trimming hair'

Variable-Length Web Page Titles

Occasionally, page title plus store name exceeds opti­mum length. This simple modifica­tion suppresses the addi­tion of your store name when necessary.

Programming 'Turbo earth'

Add Shopify Turbo Mode

How can developers and partners prevent end users from wading through dozens of Shopify Theme options to improve site performance?

Writing 'What’s Your Writing Style?'

What Type of Writer Are You?

Discover seven types of writers that contribute to the explosion of content that is available online. How can blogs benefit?


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Writing 'Writing For Search Engines'

Writing For Search Engines

Crafting well-ranking text for product descrip­tions and articles is an art. Keeping readers’ interest when they click is a challenge to overcome.

Website 'Laptop with binary code'

Improve Google Search Ranking

Get ready to lose your high-ranking musical chair within organic Google search results when the music stops in May 2021. Now is the time to optimize.

Programming 'Following over bridge'

Shopify NoFollow Pages

To exclude specific collec­tions, blogs, or pages, you can list conditions for them within a snippet. Then add the snippet to the theme.

Programming 'Train track paths'

Optimize Shopify Collection Paths

This Liquid code includes a paginate option that allows visitors to Browse pages of a collection when they land on a product page.

Website 'Triple Your Visitor Page Views'

Triple Your Web Visitor Page Views

As visitors engage with your site by clicking links, the time they spend can increase by 300 percent or more. Here are 10 ways to multiply onsite clicks.

Website 'Does Google PageRank Affect Search Position?'

How To Increase Google PageRank

Mobile browsing with geo­lo­ca­tion have dramati­cally trans­formed rele­vant search results. Add to this searches via the Internet of Things.

Social media 'Twitter Promote Mode Campaign Halted'

Twitter Promote Mode Halts After 2 Months

Twitter’s automatic safe­guards can hinder market­ing objec­tives. I have run Twitter cam­paigns before. Promote Mode uses flawed algo­rithms that suppress desired posts. Read the good, bad and ugl...

Marketing 'Healthy Conversion Funnel'

Maintain Healthy Business Conversion Funnel

The narrow opening at the bottom of a marketing funnel maintains a healthy ratio to the wider top diameter. Learn how to reshape metrics to improve the successfulness of your business.


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