Alternatives to Cholesterol-Fighting Statins

Heart Health Awareness

Your doctor may harp less about your cholesterol than he did more than five years ago. Cholesterol is a waxy arterial buildup that hinders blood flow. The American Heart Association recommends all adults age 20 or older have their cholesterol, and other traditional risk factors, checked every five years.

Is Your Cholesterol High Enough?
Cholesterol Desirable mg/dL Borderline mg/dL Undesirable mg/dL
Total ≤199 200–239 240+
LDL ≤100 130–159 160+
HDL 60+ ≤39
Trigly­cerides ≤149 150–199 200+

As published on Medscape, guidelines for the detection, evaluation, and treatment of elevated cholesterol were released in November 2013. By now, most cardiologists and internists have incorporated appropriate guidelines into their patient consultations. Other physicians are still wrapping their heads around the assertion…

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December 03, 2018 by Kevin Williams