Cholesterol Highs and Lows


There is a reason why doctors may harp a little less about your cholesterol than they did before 2013.

Is There a Cholesterol Problem?

Heart Health Awareness

The American Heart Association recommends all adults age 20 or older have their choles­terol, and other traditional risk factors, checked every five years. Cholesterol is a waxy arterial buildup that hinders blood flow. As published on Medscape (login), guide­lines for the detection, evalua­tion, and treat­ment of elevated choles­terol were released in November 2013. See table below.

By now, most cardiologists and internists have incor­porated appro­priate guide­lines into their patient consultations. Other physi­cians are still wrapping their heads around the assertion that there is simply no evidence from random­ized controlled trials to support treatment to a specific choles­terol target level for everyone.

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