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'Home-test kit'

California Urges At-Home STI Tests

California has become the first state to require health insurance to cover at-home tests for sexually transmit­ted infections such as HIV, chlamydia, and syphilis.

Parents 'Dads With Girls Entering Puberty'

Single-Parent Dads Explain Puberty To Girls

Your daughter is growing up. She needs more personal hygiene products and a trip to the gynecologist. Here’s how to remain calm and helpful.

Parents 'Moms With Boys Entering Puberty'

Single-Parent Moms Explain Puberty To Boys

You may feel like renting an R-rated movie in lieu of having the talk with your son. But there are some important things you both should know.

Woman 'Woman shaving pubic area'

Safely Shaving Your Pubes

How you groom your pubic hair is a personal choice. Women are generally more fastidious about grooming below the waist.

Ob-gyn 'Seriousness of HIV and AIDS'

HIV and AIDS Remain Serious

First identified among the homo­sexual community in 1981, by the 1990s HIV became a threat to any sexually active individual. What is today’s outlook?


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Dermatology 'Living With Genital Herpes'

Living With Genital Herpes

There are two types of herpes. Cold sores are com­mon mani­festa­tions of HSV-1. Genitals are breed­ing grounds for HSV-2. What can you expect with treat­ment?

Gastroenterology 'Hemorrhoids, Polyps, Hernias or Worse'

Hemorrhoids, Polyps, Hernias or Worse

What may appear to be similar disorders have distinct charac­teristics that a gastro­entero­logist notices.

Individual 'Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation'

Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation

Compare 18 birth control methods. Vasectomies do not affect testos­terone level, erections, climaxes, or sex drive. Women may receive a similar procedure.

Urology 'Why Circumcise Your Male Child'

Why Circumcise Your Son

Most men in the United States have been cir­cum­cised. Other than majority com­pli­ance, why is it even a con­sidera­tion?

Woman 'The Battle Against HPV'

The Battle Against HPV

Virus that causes oral cancer shares characteristics with cervical cancer. Learn how to recognize signs and prevent human papillomavirus.

Woman 'Cross Your Legs, Not Your Fingers'

Cross Your Legs, Not Your Fingers

Crossing fingers while attempt­­ing to mask vaginal malodor with perfume can literally take others’s breath away. What is going on down there and what can you do about it?


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