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'Woman Grocery Shopping'

Pandemic Levity – Shopping

Reader discretion: This is an obtuse call to take corona­virus precau­tions seriously. Some facts may be exag­gerated for the sake of amusement.

Immunology 'Sick woman in bed'

What If Everyone Gets Coronavirus?

Outdated: As vaccines rollout to more people, some experts fear everyone will eventually contract COVID-19.

Individual 'Fashionable Personal Protective Equipment'

Stylish Virus Protection

Outdated: Protecting yourself from viruses does not mean you need to look like a CDC inspector.

Internist 'No Free Pass For Masks'

No Free Pass For Masks

Outdated: Experts say there are very few medical reasons that prevent people from wearing masks.

Immunology 'Aerosolized Virus Too Scary to Admit'

Adapting To Aerosolized Virus

Outdated: This takes the coronavirus to a whole new level. What precautions must people take when air, in the absence of people, is contagious?


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Internist 'Anti-Maskers vs. Mask Fatigue'

Anti-Maskers vs Mask Fatigue

Outdated: We must expand thinking beyond personal preference. What happens when some­one exempt from wearing a mask enters a public place that requires such?

Food 'Leave Minimal Shopping Footprint'

Leave Minimal Shopping Footprint

If you are concerned about contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus, there are things you should and should not do while grocery shopping.

Immunology 'Life During Pandemic Era'

Your New Normal

Outdated: Moving toward normalcy will be gradual and regional. Despite trials, you are a survi­vor. You have the ability to persist.

Education 'Covid-19 School Year'

Back to School With Coronavirus

Outdated: The United States has no standard across the country. Whichever way schools resume poses these challenges.

Individual 'Effects of Reopening Economy'

Effects of Reopening Economy

Outdated: Given any thought, you could foresee that opening the economy without a vaccine is a disastrous plan.

Emotions 'A World on Timeout'

A World on Timeout

Initial reactions to the shut­down were apocalyptic hoard­ing. Ironically, we saw sharp increases in toilet paper and guns sales.

Individual 'Girl wearing mask'

Mask Shortage

Outdated: Demand is fueling a roller­coaster of soaring prices and mask shortages. When sup­plies are gone, will it be pos­sible to replenish inventory?


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