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'Worried man at computer'

California Health Law Hurts Consumers

A law designed to protect health consumers has ended up hurting them.

Internist 'Doctor reviewing medical records with patient'

Future of Electronic Health Records

As countries continue deploying EHRs, both hospitals and patients benefit from digital access to personal health information.

Dentistry 'Caucasian family brushing teeth'

Importance of Dental Visits

Do you really need to visit the dentist if you brush and floss regularly? Read about the importance of dental visits.

Gerontology 'AMR ambulance'

Less Ambulances For California Medicaid Patients

The largest provider of ambulance services in the U.S. will halt some rides in Southern California, citing low Medicaid rates.

Emotions 'Domestic violence bills'

Sexual Assault Debt Collection

How a sexual assault leads to years of calls from debt collectors even though federal legislation makes it illegal.


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Internist 'Emergency hospital doctors'

Eliminate Medical Debt

Medical care can be life-saving, until the other shoe drops. How do you eliminate medical debt — or avoid it in the first place?

Prescriptions 'How You Can Afford Expensive Drugs'

How You Can Afford Expensive Drugs

Listen to the Lillian Karabaic podcast to learn how to navigate high pharmaceutical prices for necessary prescriptions.

Prescriptions 'Asian senior couple'

California Clinics to Cut Medicaid Rx

Budget cuts may cause California clinics provid­ing essen­tial Medicaid pre­scrip­tions to shut down. Some clinics may begin charging for drugs.

Woman 'Pregnant patient seated on hospital bed'

No Time Off For Miscarriage

Following miscarriages, workers have few guarantees for time off or job-based help.

Oncology 'New York WTC Oculus Subway Architecture'

Uterine Cancer Patients Closer to 9/11 Benefits

Advisory committee approved recom­menda­tion to add uterine cancer to the list of diseases covered for people in the vicinity of 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Immunology 'Home Covid Test Package'

5 Things About ‘Free’ At-Home Covid Tests

Every person with private insurance can get full coverage for eight rapid tests a month. Now what?

Internist 'High-tech doctor'

Move Healthcare Forward

Forward is ideal for either young people without health insurance or for pre-Medicare patients with insurance that want quick and easy access to health questions.


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