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8 articles tagged Fertility
'Pregnant belly profile'

Finally Pregnant, Now What?

Whether by surprise or careful planning, there’s a bun in the oven. How will your diet, wardrobe, and healthcare change over the next several months?

Woman 'Hysterical Pregnancy'

Hysterical Pregnancy Isn’t Funny

Known by several names, pseu­do­cyesis is a very real con­di­tion that per­plexes on­lookers with fantom preg­nancy symptoms.

Oncology 'Chances of Testicular Cancer'

What Are Chances of Testicular Cancer?

Paradoxically, this infrequent carcinoma within the male genitals is the number-one cancer in men ages 20 to 34.

Individual 'Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation'

Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation

Compare 18 birth control methods. Vasectomies do not affect testos­terone level, erections, climaxes, or sex drive. Women may receive a similar procedure.

Neurology 'Working Too Hard For Your Money'

Health Dangers of Working Too Hard

There are clinically adverse physical and emotional effects of shift work. Don’t kill yourself trying to stay up. Find a balance between good health and earning a living.


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Woman 'Symptoms of Simple Ovarian Cysts'

Spotting Ovarian Cysts

In the absence of obvious signs that ovarian cysts exist, you might have a clue. The monthly ovarian cycle sometimes becomes spotty or very heavy.

Woman 'Mothers With Nipple Eczema Breastfeed'

Nipple Eczema Mothers Breastfeed

Eczema can resemble more serious Paget’s disease. For your long-term health and that of your child, learn cautions regard­ing breast­feeding when suffering from either health condition.

Endocrinology 'How Much Testosterone is Normal For Your Age?'

Normal Amount of Testosterone

Identify misconceptions about erectile dysfunc­tion medica­tions and testos­terone health supple­ments. See effects of testos­terone imbalance and learn how and when to boost it naturally.


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