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'Teens laughing'

Birth of Inclusivity

This article may seem to be about obesity. It might sound cruel. But the point is that health problems and moral issues are acquies­cing to inclusivity.

Neurology 'Recurring Dreams'

Recurrent Dream Realization

Do you have recurring lucid dreams? If so, are they indica­tive of some­thing that happened in the past or do they portend future events?

Emotions 'Female emotional turmoil'

Vacate Wrongful Health Conviction

Life may pass you by when house­bound from chronic ill­ness. Familial compas­sion might be sup­plant­ed with suspi­cion. Can you break free from this prison?

Pediatrics 'African-American woman portrait'

School Nurses Are Family Doctors

School nurses are well aware of the choices low-income parents face. In many cases they willingly assume the role of de facto family physician.

Food 'Herbs For Cooking, Not Smoking'

Herbs For Cooking, Not Smoking

The best way to get used to cooking with herbs is to grow and use them. These popular herbs will make your meals sing like a 1960s music duo.


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Neurology 'Synesthesia concept dance frequency'

With Synesthesia, You Hear Color

Loud colors don’t have to be fluorescent. You can wear a falsetto shirt with baritone pants. How do you classify synesthetic perceptions?

Humor 'Pandemic Levity – Vaccines'

Pandemic Levity – Vaccines

This article addresses the reaction to the rollout of coronavirus vaccines.

Humor 'Pandemic Levity – Sedentary'

Pandemic Levity – Sedentary

This article addresses the state of the coronavirus pandemic on our in-home health from a sitting position.

Individual 'Life is a Train Ride'

A Life of Death

To some people, contemplation of our life journey is viewed as an existential crisis. To others, it allows for the application of practical wisdom.

Humor 'Pandemic Levity – Education'

Pandemic Levity – Education

This post takes a detour in presentation method to share the state of our educational system with a bit of levity. Parents and children reverse roles.

Humor 'Woman Grocery Shopping'

Pandemic Levity – Shopping

Reader discretion: This is an obtuse call to take corona­virus precau­tions seriously. Some facts may be exag­gerated for the sake of amusement.

Neurology 'Welcome To A Migraine Symphony'

Welcome To A Migraine Symphony

This vivid narrative describes vertiginous migraine symptoms with orchestral language. Then it uncovers a mysterious trigger.


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