Cyber Monday Sale

4-Day Weekend Sale

Shop for you and your friends. Save Monday, December 2, 2019 for the office.

Select Posters 50% Off

Posters and Frames

What is better than posters for half off? On Monday get two posters at half off—with the purchase of two durable DeuPair Frames. The latter gets you free shipping throughout the United States or $25 shipping to Canada. You can add more products to your cart but a maximum of two sets are discounted. You do not even need to enter a promo code. Just pick a pathology poster and add to it a black or silver DeuPair Frame.

No matter how you add it up, this is the best deal offered by ClinicalPosters in 10 years. Ten years is also how long DeuPair Frames are guaran­teed. Under normal indoor conditions, there easy-to-hang frames last indefinitely.

Poster Sale Restrictions
  • One day only
  • Pathology category posters
  • Posters size 20x26 or 22x28 inches
  • Black or silver DeuPair Pocket Frames or Flip Frames
  • Ground shipping discounts within contiguous North America
  • Limit of 2 sets per customer
  • Cannot be combined with other offers

You’re thinking, there must be a catch. Where is the fine print? We hope you enjoy the products so much that you come back for more. If you create a free user account, you gain full access to regularly published health articles. For this, we are willing to take a loss on your first order. Obviously, losing money is not a sustain­able business model. So don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

One-Click Poster Bundles

One-Click Poster Bundles

An easy way to get your pathology poster discount is by adding a one-click poster bundle to your shopping cart. A category-specific number of posters with the chosen number of frames is added with the click of a button.

Closeouts For 45% Off

A bump or a bend on a new poster earns you a steep discount. Even though you are likely to crinkle posters a little bit during normal use, we want them to start off in pristine condition. If they do not, prices are slashed and they wind up in the Closeouts collection. Shop all day, every day while supplies last.

ClinicalPins Make Great Gifts


Not everyone has walls for framed pathology posters. We have you covered anyway with our vast collection of ClinicalPins. What are these? They are mostly anatomically and medically themed pieces of jewelry. A growing number appeal to the anyone. Find lapel pins, badges, bracelets, chains, earrings and more.

ClinicalPins Restrictions
  • Friday thru Monday
  • Minimum $9.99 regular price
  • Limited to supply on hand
  • Free First Class ship­ping within contiguous United States
  • Global discounted First Class shipping
  • Cannot be combined with other offers

Whether you have a medical office or not, you can save money on jewelry by receiving a $2 discount off ClinicalPins of $9.99 or more with promo code CYBER2. Choose a message for a sticker for your gift box(es), and get fantastic personalized gifts delivered.