DeuPair Pocket Frame 22x28 Tall


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Behind each DeuPair Pocket Frame is space for six or more interchangeable vertical (portrait) orientated graphics. Don't be fooled by cheap knockoffs made with inferior materials that cover important content on the edges of anatomy posters and require cumbersome picture wire hanging with constant straightening.

schematic These durable and easy-to-hang frames load graphics from the top for standard to high ceilings.* Each provides maximum viewing area and comes with required mounting screws. Our beautiful, fully-assembled anodized extruded aluminum indoor 1" border frames with shatterproof clear overlay and padded backing eliminate curl, and are easily wiped clean with mild soapy water and on a damp cloth. They support simple-to-change graphics so shared offices, those with limited space or offices that deal with seasonal illnesses can alternate between multiple posters loaded inside one frame without removing the frame from the wall. Securely mounted with screws behind the poster, these wireless frames made in the USA reduce liability from falling objects. Outer dimensions are 23.6x29.6 inches. For additional security of valuable contents in non-monitored areas, a keyed insertion edge can be added.

Usually made to order, some black may be in stock. Choose black or Matte Silver with shipping usually within 10 days. The security edge option for schools or areas where people are likely to remove contents, includes a matching center screw with hex key that is required to change graphic.

* For low overhead clearance, score or slice black backing across the middle to insert in two sections after mounting frame to wall. Alternatively, front-load frames are available.

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