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ISBN: 079-9-5990-1421-4  WK 2016  
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Save up to $130. The "Curated Ten for Hundred" option allows you to specify preferred laminated poster titles. If you are an educator or work in a non-profit clinic with a tight budget, here is a great way to decorate your walls with heavily discounted human anatomy posters. To make room our shelves, you can obtain a set of ten slightly damaged laminated posters for just one-hundred bucks while supplies last. You are basically just paying for lamination. Help us find a loving home for these orphaned posters.

Large sheets of paper can become damaged on the printing press, during transportation from the warehouse, on inventory shelves, while applying custom finishing options or during the final shipment. Severely damaged posters are discarded or recycled. Slight bends along the edges can be trimmed off. In many cases, framing conceals imperfections. These non-refundable posters may include different imperfections than representative photos.

The scope of this curation is less comprehensive than Curated Service. Here, the curator limits search to a stack of slightly damaged posters. Though logical choices are made, it is likely that poster titles on hand may not match your preferred category(ies). If less than 10 posters are available in the desired category, matches are either duplicated or substituted with poster(s) (based on availability and your Preferred Title preference). Prior to shipping, customer status is updated with linked ISBN numbers. You have 24 hours to login and respond before order is shipped. It is not possible to bill customer FedEx account number for this item.

SKU Laminate (MSRP $210)

Long-lasting UV laminated posters are more vibrant and sanitary than unprotected paper.

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