ISBN: 978-1-5877-9983-9  WK 2006  
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Viewer discretion: Where does it hurt and how much? These are standard triage questions. This visual and textual overview of pain is an easy-to-understand tool designed for essential patient interaction. Understanding Pain is a 20" x 26" poster that defines pain, various types, and lists symptoms for each. It simplifies "How Pain Works" into three comprehensible steps. It includes a pain scale and a sample human figure so patients can accurately indicate the level and location of pain. Brief prevention tips and recommendation to consult a medical professional for a tailored treatment plan are provided. Hospital emergency rooms should not be without this.

SKU Laminate (MSRP $22): 9781587799846 Paper ($13): 9781587799839

Long-lasting UV laminated posters are more vibrant and sanitary than unprotected paper.


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