Status: Secure

Enhanced security on our customer status page.

By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE The wide selection of products, quality of our packing, and UV laminate protection option are all good reasons to love shopping at But repeat customers find tremendous satisfaction in the secure customer status page. Here, they can validate poster finishes, track packages, print invoices with or without various comments and read tips for their specific project, such as how to hang frames.

Three Things Make Your Life Easier

Concern over data security has risen with incidents like the Yahoo breach. The best protection against compromised data combines omission of sensitive data, audit trails and strong data encryption, as used in our online store. Viewing, editing and printing customer information from the status page is logged for internal auditing. By flagging suspicious user activity, blacklisted entities are denied access. We are now happy to reveal a new security feature that brings customers into the loop.

A limit has been set on the number of login attempts. Additionally, customers receive an email alert following multiple unsuccessul access attempts or a single successful login from a location that differs from the original order. Alerts include the IP address, computer type and operating system for verification. These new features instill confidence in using as a resource for continuing poster purchases for your medical practice, hospital or educational institution.

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